Tanjung Aan Beach : The best beach of our Bali Lombok Trip

20140131_155804Hello world, I’ll tell you about a beach tour part of my Bali-Lombok Trip. I and friends have alot of beach list we would to see. Because of limited time we have, we considered to visit some of that beach list.
1st day in Bali, we explore some hidden beaches like Balangan, Bingin, Padang-padang, and Bluepoint beach and we also visited some well-known beaches like Pandawa, Dreamland,  Kuta beach. Lombok also have many awesome beach. Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno and Gili Air are the spot that have many beaches in their coastline. Furthemore, Lombok island has many beautiful nature beaches in its south like Kuta beach, Mawun beach, Selong Belanak beach and Tanjung Aan beach. Because time problems, we only visit 3 Gili, Kuta and Tanjung Aan for representing Lombok beach.20140131_155738

Each of us made a score to rate the beaches we’ve visited. Aand … Tanjung Aan got the highest score for being the most beautiful beach in our Bali Lombok Trip. Tanjung Aan is the last beach that we’ve visited on Trip. We visited Tanjung Aan after enjoying many awesome beach in Bali and Lombok Indonesia.

20140131_162248Tanjung Aan always has many reason to be an impressive nature beauty. Green grass, white-pepper-sand, blue sky, beautiful coral, crystal seawater and stunning lush hill view blends beautifully. This paradise is located in South Lombok Island and need about one and a half hour from the airport.

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